söndag 10 april 2011

So. Off to a running start with the rumour surrounding pot-smoking and the BD wrapparty. It started with the following tweets by @Jannamlee

- My man is at the Twilight wrap party all the cast is there!
- My man talked to Rob and Kristen, as he is in charge of the front door and holds the guest list! I will keep posting updates & celeb spoting
- update! My man just smoked with Kristen! Celebs are everywhere!
- its hard to know as he has no idea who anyone is never seen the movies. but i know for sure all main cast members are there.
- I have asked him to take photos... if i get it will post asap!! The party is huge!
- he has been working on the set and now he is working at the party as like the bouncer
- sorry everyone no photo's as well my man needs to keep his job... im still pushing though.
- kristen and others were caught by a cop smoking a joint...
- working on and off... he hasnt seen any movies and never read the books so its a little hard but he is doing his best...
- they were smoking a joint outside and a cop came up and shut it down, my man was sent away so that was the only details... still waiting
- They seem to have been let off the hook... though the cops are hanging around outside the party.
- all i can say about the location its in Squamish at a hotel

So what do we know? We know there was a wrap party combined with a birthday party for Kristen. As for these tweets from Jannamlee my first reaction was famewhore trying to get attention. So my reaction was to ignore and move on!
But lets say it was true, that there was some smoking going on (even though I think Kristen and co are smarter than to smoke in front of cops but I digress) who the fuck cares? Really? Alot of people do it, have done it and once again, why do you care? Are you one of those people who tries to find fault in everything Kristen does?

Bottom line - we have 1 (one) account of this. Why is it even a discussion??